Broadway Plaza Write Up for Before and After Photos


The Broadway Plaza parking garage project was one of many garages to be outfitted with new induction fixtures. The client was faced with several challenges prior to the installation such as very poor light output, the safety and security of those parking in the garages and enormous utility bills.

The “after” photograph speaks volumes about how this change in lighting fixtures solved all their problems including moving towards a green environment and certainly the energy savings. This client also enjoyed many thousands of dollars in utility rebates across the nation.


Scottsdale, AZ Business Complex Parking Lot


The two photographs represent a business complex parking lot project Troon Agency completed in 2014. The project entailed installing one sample 80-Watt LED pole fixture to be compared to an existing 280-Watt Metal Halide fixture. The lighting difference was amazing. The second photograph represents the completed project with all 40 fixtures retrofitted with LED technology.

The customer was very pleased with the amount of light delivery compared to the Metal Halide technology. The customer received a utility rebate amounting to $3,153.60 and enjoys an annual average savings of $3,854.00 on their utility bill.